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    Hi All,

    You might already know that IELTS topics for writing task 2 are repeated often. Every week many of our students send us the questions that they have been asked from around the world. These are usually posted in Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics section.

    I have compiled a list of 7 letters (general writing task 1) that have been repeatedly asked in September and October 2017. If you are preparing for the General IELTS exam then make sure that you maximize your chances of scoring a BAND 7.

    Topic #1:

    Reported 4 times in October 2017 from Colombo, Georgia, San Fransisco, New York

    Write a letter about a public event you attended recently and give a suggestion to the organizer for the improvement of event in future. In your letter:

    1. Describe the event.

    2. Explain how you enjoyed the event.

    3. What improvements do you recommend.


    Topic #2

    Reported 4 times in October from Australia and Malaysia

    Write a letter to a hotel manager appreciating the hotels receptionist for her help during your stay. In your letter

    – Say what was the problem

    – Describe how the receptionist helped

    – Suggest how you the hotel can avoid the problem in the future


    Topic #3

    Reported 4 times in September and October from Senegal, Russia & Nigeria

    You purchased a product from a website and the company sent you a wrong product. Write a letter to the manager explaining about

    – What was the product that you ordered?

    – What was sent to you and how it caused you problems?

    – What do you want the manager to do about it?


    Topic #4

    Reported 4 times in October from India (New Delhi & Mumbai)

    As a secretary of an international club you invited a foreign delegate whose speech was admired by all members of the club. Write a letter to the delegate

    – thank him for his presence and explain why everyone liked his talk

    – tell him all the club members want more information about his country

    – schedule another meeting with him and invite him to attend that meeting


    Topic #5

    Reported 3 times in October from Canada & USA

    You work at office. You need new equipment to do your job well. Write a letter to your manager explaining

    – the equipment you need

    – why you need it?

    – what you want the manager to do?


    Topic #6

    Reported 3 times in October from Kuwait, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh

    You and your friend bought tickets for theatre. You wont be able to go. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

    – Apologise

    – Explain reason why you cant attend

    – Recommend a friend to him


    Topic #7

    Reported 3 times in October from Sri Lanka, India & Uk

    Last year you went to another city for job. Write a letter to your friend informing that you are returning to your hometown to live again.

    1. Why are you leaving your current job?

    2. What work will you do after reaching hometown?

    3. Inform your friend when and where you would like to meet after reaching home town.

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     Rashid Iqbal 

    can you please share the sample answer link as well.

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