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    Compiling reading –

    Event Venues:

    Open air food market – village greens
    Firework party – the tower
    Shooting nature films – near the river where you see wildlife
    Nighttime rock concert – in the amphitheater that has good soundproofing
    Professional presentation – visitor center
    Film preview – visitor center
    Parties for young people – that place which mentioned children specifically

    Both pavilions were unused

    Activities for children:

    Make something and take it home – C
    Learn about plants – A
    Drink is provided – E
    Go out on the water – E
    Watch faraway things – E
    Learn about hiding – C
    For the youngest children – B

    I remember the correct order was CEECABE


    Focal point
    Logical sequence
    Power cuts
    Precise timing

    Complaint resolution:


    True/False/Not Given:

    Looking for a bigger house – false
    Difficult to get Steve interested – true
    Short trips before website was launched – not given
    Majority of users are women – not given
    Only charge is to communicate with others – I wrote not given, but probably true
    Difficult decision about future of company – true
    She heard from an old friend and knew it was a success – false


    About how the couple lived – the paragraph about how they lived in a small house, down to earth, etc.
    About the first year – the paragraph where she says it was a nightmare, her kids were born, etc.
    About how it impacts people – the paragraph where they say people rekindle childhood romances, etc.
    About Steve explaining why it’s popular – the paragraph where he says people want to find out about people they liked and didn’t like (same paragraph as above)
    About future plans – last paragraph
    About most people on the website – the paragraph where they mention 8m people? Don’t know this one.

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