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    Just an update on the Computer based IELTS. After trying 3 times the paper based one for max my points i decided to give it a try to this new trend.
    Overall the experience is very relax. The waiting before the exam is a lot less. Just 45min and you are inside taking your exam. The room only has space for a reduced number of people. So compared to the previous ones where there were like 60 people or more this is also very different and in my opinion better for the applicant as the invigilators waste less time.
    They provide a sheet before every section with the login details. You can use this for your notes but honestly it is a waste of time. I didnt use it at all. Also there is no time given at the end to transfer anything so you gotta be careful with that.
    Listening I would say is the same. Difficulty is the same and questions also. The ability to navigate makes you easier to check at the end.
    Reading in my case I finished it with still 15min in the clock. So it is way faster for sure.
    Writing I must say has nothing but advantages. Timer at the top. Copy/paste option. Question prompt in the screen all the time. Typing is faster that writing.
    One bad thing is the price. This one is more expensive than the paper based one.
    A few days now for my results. Cheers.
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