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    September 23, 2019, London_UK computer-based
    task 1: A diagram shows the process of household waste landfill design.
    task 2: Many countries aim to improve the standards of living by economical development, some people believe it affects social value to the extent of losing these value.

    Part 1:
    – Talk about yourself.
    – Tell me about your home what does it like.
    – what is your favorite room in your home?

    Part 2:
    Describe an occasion when you wake up extremely early.
    When does this happen?
    What did you do?
    Why do you think it is a memorable occasion.

    Part 3:
    Do you think the sleeping pattern of people who work night shifts might be affected?
    Do you think sleeping is important?
    Do you believe there are night people and day people?
    In your opinion, why are people choose to weak up early?
    Do you think it is difficult for some people to wake up early?
    Do you find it difficult for you to wake up early?


    Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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