IELTS Exam – Abu Dhabi, UAE – June 24, 2017

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    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Part 1 – general questions about my day’s routine, how it is different when I was a child and now?
    Part 2 – Talk about a couple you know and think is happily married couple. How you know them, why you think they are happily married.
    Part 3 – What age do people get married in your country, what are the weddings like, are they expensive. how do you celebrate birthday? Did you celebrate birthdays differently when you were a child.
    Writing Topic:
    Part 1 – You recently purchased two items online, but the order is not accurate. Write a letter to the manager mentioning what was your order, what is wrong and what should he do about it.
    Part 2 – children in many countries spend a lot of their free time doing homework. Is that a good or bad thing.
    Part 1) Choosing a hotel for a birthday part (conversation between 2 people)
    Part 2) 2 people discussing a painting by Jackson Pollock and why it was considered fake.
    Part 3) A flow chart on finding Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting hidden (in a cave or something similar)
    Part 4) Myths about Sustainability
    Part 1) Cleanliness of a train (True, False, Not Given)
    Part 2) Rules of a college like dress code, visitor’s passes, etc (Fill in the blank with two words)
    Part 3) Article about recruitment terms of a Company and then fill in the blanks with two words
    5 paragraphs – each with a Store description (Store A – G). Then few statements were given and we had to pick which store these statements were related to.
    Part 4) Article about the Great Fire in London in 1966
    (a)True, False, Not Given questions)
    b) A few statements were given and we need to say if there incidents happened before, during or after the Great Fire
    c) Which statement is a title to which of the paragraphs from the article

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