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    My speaking test for academic IELTS held yesterday (Oct 21) in Abuja Nigeria. Fortunately, I had practiced most of these questions on this website here which was a great relief. Here are some of the questions I can remember:
    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    Where do you live?
    What’s your name?
    What’s the meaning of your native name?
    Why were you given the native name?
    Are certain names common in your native language?
    What fun activities did you do in your family at your free time?
    Did you do anything different during the holidays?
    Are you still able to observe holidays now?
    Part 2
    Tell me about someone you helped
    cue card:
    who it was?
    where it took place?
    exactly what you did?
    how you felt afterwards
    Part 3
    do you think people should be encouraged to volunteer?
    do you think it has any benefits?
    how are international aid organisations funded?
    do you think the quality of service delivery is poor for local charities?
    do you international aid organisations are more important than local charities?
    My written tests come up on the 28th of October. I’m trying my best and i hope to have excellent scores.

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