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    Centre : Ahmadabad
    Speaking date: 04.01.2018
    Test module: GT
    Part 1: what’s your full name, where r u coming from, when do you usually spend time with teenagers?, What’s fashion teenagers follow in your country, what way teenagers entertain themselves, which media you use to get news newspaper or internet
    Part 2: describe about interesting person from foreign country you know…
    Who is he
    How do you come to know about him
    What he do
    Explan why is he so interesting
    One question from examiners
    Is it easy to know about common men from other country?
    Part 3
    Which are the ways to know about other country?
    Is it necessary and why it is so to know about other country before travelling there?
    What benefits people will get, if multinational company open there unit in there country?
    What are the disadvantages of working with MNCs….
    THis what I rember for speaking test
    LRW TEST 05.01.2018
    Test 1
    you and your colleagues have attend foreign langauge course organized by your company..
    Write a letter to your manager,
    How you and your colleagues felt about the course
    Request him to organize it is again for all of them
    Suggest venue and time
    TASK 2
    In the cities, majority of people are living in the large apparent block. Does it’s have more advantages or disadvantages.?
    Note: words that I presented here may not be similar to that of actual test.
    Waiting to get result

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