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    Center: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    Date: 10/1/2018
    I completed my speaking exam and had following questions.
    Part 1:
    – what is your name?
    – where are you from?
    – in which part of city you live?
    – how long you have been living in your home town?
    – what do you like the most about your town?
    – how you consider interacting with youngster in your area?
    – how often you meet down?
    – what type of activities the youngster generally like to do?
    Part 2 : Cue card
    Describe a facility that you would like to have in your town?
    – what is that facility?
    – why would you like it?
    – where would you like to have this facility?
    – how would that facility help?

    and one follow question
    – how that technology center benefit youngster of your town?
    Part 3:
    – how people in your country spend time? and where?
    – how would younger generation interact with technological advancement?
    – do you think that technology advancement would impact youngster lifestyle?
    – do you think younger generation would make most out of upcoming technologies?
    In cue card, i talked about requirement of Tech-Center as facility that showcase and provide informative and practical insight of technologies which are going to be available sooner and how it can help people to stay updated and synchronized with latest trends.
    the only concern i have is a few repetation of sentences and length of its whole speaking session which was 13 minute.
    Hope it helps other.

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