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    Hi All,
    Just had my speaking test.
    Date : 1st Dec 2017
    Location: Ahmedabad, India
    Module : General
    What is your name?
    What you do? Work or Study?
    Describe your Job.
    How was your first day in the High-school?
    What was your important subject in the high-school?
    How you read news? Newspaper or Online?
    What all kind of news you read?
    Part2, Cue Card: A Business Person you admire?
    Followup Question : Other people in your country also admire him?
    Part3: All questions were related to business
    What kind of businesses are popular among young people in your country? Why?
    All successful businessmen are hard-hearted. Agree or Disagree? why?
    Employees are important for success of a business or a company? why?
    Is reputation is important for any business?
    My speaking test was kind of a rapid fire round. My examiner cut me off in almost all answers. In fact, I believe he didn’t gave me full 2 minutes in second part. The entire test completed within 12 minutes. I hope my scores will not be effected by this…

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