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    Academic module
    Speaking date- 04-01-2019
    Ahmedabad, India
    Do you like music?
    Which type of music do you like?
    Would you like to learn any music instrument?
    How often I listen music?
    Do you buy shoes very frequently?
    Do u prefer comfortable shoes or good looking shoes?
    Who buy shoes for you ?
    From where do ur wife order the shoes?
    Which shoes do u wear nowadays? (I told that the shoes gifted by my wife on my birthday 4 years back and he laughed for a moment)
    Any comedy movie or comedy TV show which I used to watch on television.
    Which was the Movie or TV show?
    Do u enjoyed that show?
    when and with whom you used to watch?
    why did it make you laugh?
    what is the importance of laughing in our life?
    What is the difference between the laughing of children and adult?
    Why children laugh more easily than adult ?
    Why adult don’t laugh more?
    What will be impact of fun activity on the brain of person ?
    Would you like to appear on TV show in future?
    Do u think laughing makes the person relaxed?
    and many more.
    I think I was replying fast so he asked many questions.

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