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    Thanks a ton for your great help with useful tutorials and tips.
    I’d gave my speaking on 6th June, Ahmedabad for GT. Here are the questions.
    Part 1
    Where are you from
    Do you work or study
    What time you like to work
    Do you read newspaper
    Does anyone read newspaper in your family
    Do you read newspapers online
    What do you often read in newspapers
    Part 2
    Talk about vacation destination you would like to take away from home
    – what is the place
    – with whom you would like to go
    – what you would like to do there
    Part 3
    How people plan their vacation
    which is good to go on vacation or stay home
    Vacation should plan by self or by travel planner
    What kind of place people choose to go on vacation
    People should spend lots money on their vacations or not.
    it went well and I’ve answered all the questions with proper length without any hesitation. Expecting my 7 or above.

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