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    The type of test – Academic
    Date of test:27/11/18
    Location of test: Ahmedabad,India
    Gave my speaking test just 1 hour ago.
    Part 1
    Work or study.
    Where you studied?
    Is it good place to study?
    What changes you want to make there?
    Do you wear sunglasses?
    Is it useful?
    Do you spend lot of money on it?
    I said yes
    Then she asked why?
    Part 2: Talk about a person who is doing work related to environment.
    Part 3 : Is it necessary to save environment?why?
    What can ordinary person can do to save env.?
    What is their approach ?
    How business affect env?
    What can industries do to save env.?
    Does it can make more profit for them?
    What can a businessman earn except money if he is using environfriendly process.
    That’s it.

    She interrupted me 5-6 times when i was answering. I am scared about it,whether i went off topic or is it a negative aspect?
    2. All my 2nd and 3rd part of questions were releted to envi., so i repeated word “environment” seceral times,so can it cause deduction of marks.
    My LRW is on 1st dec.

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