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    Hello IELTS test takers,
    I have done my General training L,R,W paper based exam today(01.02.2020).
    I want to share the writing questions,
    Task – 1 -> Write a letter to secretary of a institute regarding accepting an invitation to a talk. Point to be included –
    1. Accept the invitation and possible date
    2. What are you going to include in talk
    3. What equipment will you use.

    Task – 2 -> Some people think that it would be better if whole family (Ex.Uncle,aunt and grand parents) involving in bringing up children rather than only parents. What is your opinion? (Please note that I wrote the questions from my memory,Hence, there may be language and wording errors.)
    Unfortunately, I could not able to manage the time when doing writing task, since I have done task-2 first, and then task-1. So I left with a few minutes to begin task-1, but I manged to cover all the points. I did not recheck both tasks. I am afraid whether it will affect my band. All the best for future candidates.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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