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    Hi everyone,
    I appeared for GT on 13 Feb

    1. Where do live city (what you like and dislike about your city, Want to stay there in future)?
    2. Single work at a time or multitasking which is better (and why)?
    3. When you need lot of focus (type of work and why)?
    4. What disturbs you do when you need to focus (why and how you deal with it)

    Describe a time when you met a person for first time
    1. Who was the person ?
    2. When ?
    3. What was the conservation and why you still remember ?

    1. Are you still in contact with that person ?
    2. Best vacations for you (and why)?
    3. Do you like single long vacations or number of short holidays (and why)?
    4. Problem faced when your business is done different people?

    The last question she asked me in ambiguous way i didn’t got the question first, so asked her “sorry could you repeat” then it appeared to me than she was asking about problems faced working with people from different cultures and regions. I hope it won’t hamper my score.

    Only fill in the blanks and MCQ type questions (MCQs were difficult as all options were paraphrased in the audio)

    6 questions of find paragraph in which given statements are mentioned was bit difficult, rest it was ok

    Writing Letter- To hotel manager regarding accommodation arrangement for your official visit next month
    Essay- Government should put high taxes on unhealthy food or not, only opinion

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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