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    Speaking test {general training}
    13 January,2018
    Part 1
    1.Full name
    2.what do you do:work or study?
    3. What qualifications you have to have this study?
    4will this job provide more practical knowledge in your future or not?
    5.what is the meaning of your name? people in your country have meaning of their names. is your name given to you?
    8.who generally give names in your culture and how? you travel by boats ? you like it?
    11.what if u have house on a boat? people in your country travel by boat?
    13.Do you want to own a boat?Why /why not?
    14.Have you ever learnt boating?
    Cue card
    Furniture you like
    What it is
    Is it traditional or modern
    Do your friends like your furniture?
    Who gave it to you
    Part 3
    1.what points you should keep in mind while selecting a furniture?
    2.who select furniture in your country?
    3.on which occasions furniture is purchased? you remember any time when furniture is purchased before hand an occasion?
    I m very much worried about the question. When examiner asked me what should be kept in mind to buy a furniture?I replied the quality of the wood and affordability of an individual rather than attractiveness of furniture,and explained these points in detail.While on listening this I found the examiner was not so happy and told me don’t you consider space as a factor?I told yes ,it is, especially in apartments where we have less space , beforehand measurements are needed.Then she asked me -dont you think colors are important?I m thinking like she was not satisfied with my answer .
    I am very much worried .

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