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    IELTS General Training
    Date: 01-Dec-2018, Location: Arizona, US
    [1] Speaking:
    All sections questions about sports
    First general greet and personal questions about your self, work etc
    Part 1:
    Do you like sport ?
    Whats your favorite sport ? why you like it?
    Part 2:
    Talk about a sport you watched in TV but not played. Explain why you want to play?
    Part 3:
    Do you think sports star marketing some products help the sale ?
    [2] Writing:
    Part 1: Write a letter to your company’s 3rd party agency about a report they need to submit, stress the importance of why its needed and its urgency.
    Part 2: What do you think about living in cold and hot regions, discuss your ideas and share your opinion.
    [3] Listening:
    Section 1: Conversation b/w a lady and insurance agent about adding his brothers into her car insurance
    Section 2: Map of a museum, where is the conference room location, is it facing garden or oval room ?
    [4] Reading:
    Section 2: New paper article about a festival going to happen near by, its location. Directions, instructions etc.
    One tricky question:
    Article says: Only service dogs are allowed
    Question: Dogs are allowed in the festival. True or False or Not Given.
    I answered False, since in general not all dogs are allowed but still I am not clear if its correct. Any one knows please clarify.!!
    Section 3:
    Big passage – Article is about a fishermen from England going to Australia in their fishing boat in pursuit of gold and wealth. Story narrates their struggle to sail across a Atlantic ocean, how they stacked food, how they settled down there and some related questions on this.

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