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    I would like to share my recent exam experience and questions that came in my test.
    Test: Ielts General Training
    15 Oct 2019

    First off, listening portion for part-2 and part-3 had enormous MCQs, infact I would say 90%. I could not finish reading all before audio play even though I efficiently utilised my previous sections spare time. Trust me, the actual test was way more difficult than cambridge tests. I used to score between 35 to 38 in cambridge book tests but I am certain, i would not acheive 8 band. That’s Big Disappointment!!!

    In regards with reading, third paragraph was difficult. I somehow managed to get 35mints for third section after finishing first two sections in just 25mints. The third paragraph will eat you if you fail to bring extra time from initial paragraphs.

    Speaking topics were common & mostly came from list of speaking topics on your website.
    1. Your Home, place, and street market
    2. Cue card was on Historical Building
    3. Follow up questions were on Modern and Old Buildings

    Finally, lets talk about writing.
    TASK-1 You got a job in international company. You want to resign your current job. Explain; Why you want to resign When you want to leave What you liked about the company
    TASK-2: Team sports help school students to learn more than usual games. What lessons would they learn by playing team sports? How these lessons would be beneficial for students in their future?

    This is such a odd topic. I mean we dont have much points/ideas to write about it as question just revolve around team sports. Everything should be about team work. I have gone through like 150 essays for ideas and have written 75 essays before appearing for test. However, I was clueless on team sports as I didnt encounter any topic similar to this on any website.

    In summary, I believe Listening test is getting tougher and pattern is changing with every passing day. Writing topic on Team sports, I just can’t believe I was struggling to reach 250 words even after extensive writing practise.Fingers crossed for my results.Best of luck to you all who are lined up next.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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