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    Exam date: 13th December, Baguio, Philippines.
    I just want to share the questions asked for my speaking test today.
    Part 1:
    >State your full name
    >Do you work or study?
    >Do you usually listen to music?
    >What kind of music do you dislike?
    >Have you gone to/watched a live music concert?
    >Do you play musical instruments? >I answered no.Do you like shoes?
    >Which would you prefer, shoes that are comfortable or stylish?
    >Do you often go shopping for shoes?
    >Do you prefer shopping online? why?
    Part 2:
    Tell me about a teenager you know.
    >Who is this person?
    >How do you come to know about this teenager?
    >What do you like about him/her?
    Part 3:
    >What are the difference between the behaviour of children and teenagers?
    >Do you think there are differences between adults(when they were kids) before and children today? (I answered that the children before in my country play more outdoor activities and children today focus more on gadgets and I related it to the negative effects it would bring to their health because of too much usage of these gadgets)
    > I can’t remember the exact question but it is about the way teenagers and children respect elders. (the examiner stopped me but I was able to answer his question here and was able to give a brief explanation for my answer.)

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