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    I gave my written test today (20october) in Baku. There were 20 multiple choice with 4map question. In section one and section four, we had to fill gaps with one word, (for listening one word and/or number). In reading test there were just 3 gap filling, rest was test (multiple choice, researchers’ states, completing ideas and headlines). In writing task one was about process of making drinking water from rain water, in task two topic was:
    Too much attention is paid to men’s sport than women’s sport.
    What are the results of it?
    Do you think it is negative or positive development?
    İ have one question about task one, i would be happy if you answer it. In the end of task one, i counted 132word and i had to make it exceed 150, so i write sentence like ‘this process will be very helpful in the future in some places, especially where there is shortage of water’ i know i shouldn’t write this sentence but i want to know will i lose mark for this sentence?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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