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    My speaking session was on 04/April/2018. The questions were relatively easy, but I think I was a little nervous and that reflected in my response.
    Exam center: Bangalore
    Type: General Training
    Part 1:
    1. What is your name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Are you a student or are you working? (I am working for past 12 years in one company; so I gave a brief about what I do and some surrounding areas.)
    4. 12 years is a long time – have you made friends? (again spoke about my friends in office and what we do in free time etc. etc.)
    5. What part of the day are you most active?
    Part 2:
    1. Do you like animals?
    2. Do you like to have a pet?
    3. Do you think it is important that children should have more knowledge about animals ?(don’t remember the exact question, but it was something similar. As an example, I spoke about animal migration for shelter and food which could be a lesson for children to tackle difficult situations.)
    Part 3:
    Was asked to speak about a television show that I watch/watched.
    1. With whom did I watch?
    2. What was the best part about this show?
    3. Don’t remember….
    Follow up questions:
    1. Did you ask your friends/relative to watch the show? How was their response?
    2. What kind of programs on television do you think ‘youngsters’ watch these days? (I spoke about children, then teenage kids and then adults. After that I just started about the older folks’ television programs I was stopped. Not sure if this can be a deterrent in getting a higher score.)
    3. There are lot of chat shows and game shows these days. Do you think this is a positive influence on children. (Again, I was too generic here. The examiner reminded me of shows like Big Boss and I carried forward the same example.)
    Finally “Thank you. We are done with the speaking test.”
    My target was 8, but I think I fumbled a little that may bring my score down. I hoping for the best.
    L/R/W: 07/April/2018
    Center: Bangalore
    Listening: Was easier.
    Reading: This area was my strongest, but I didn’t do that well. I recollect making 5 mistakes (3 incorrect and missed 2).
    Task 1 – Write a letter to your landlord regarding a water problem.
    1. Explain the problem.
    2. How are you effected by this?
    3. What do you want the landlord to do?
    Task 2: Many people are choosing to live on their own.
    1. Is this a positive or a negative trend?
    2. What is your opinion and share your personal experiences?

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