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    My LRW test was on 14 Oct, Bangalore, General
    -Conversation between a drama class teacher and a little girl’s father
    -A conversation between a teacher and a research student
    -A guided tour and a map of a fitness spa
    -About an museum- choose topic for each paragraph
    -Job fair advice- fill in the blanks
    -Automobile Association- T, F, NG
    -Pollution in London in the 1800s- T,F,NG, fill in the blanks with one word, fill in the blanks with not more than 3 word and/or a number
    I wrote all answers in listening and reading using a pencil in capitals. The electricity went off around 4 times for a minute each time so they gave us an extra minute for reading.
    -Write a letter to a friend from whom you had borrowed something but ended up damaging it.
    Mention what happened
    Tell what you would do about it.
    I wrote about a saree that I had borrowed and got torn while getting down from a taxi. And in the end I asked what she would like me to do to make it up to her. If she would like me to buy a similar saree or something else. Will it be considered completing the last point(tell what you would do about it)? I did not have enough time to go back and write specifically. Instead, I wrote asking my friend what she would like me to do.
    -Traffic jam is a problem in many towns and cities. People believe that this can be solved by making the road wide.
    Do you agree or disagree?
    I wrote in the overview and the conclusion that I disagree and that additional measures are required. In the 2 body paragraphs I wrote what else can be done apart from widening of roads. Was that okay?
    I made points on my question booklet before I wrote the letter or the essay. It was pretty much like writing each one twice so I ran out of time to read the final ones. The time was up by the time I finished writing.
    Speaking, 15 Oct, Bangalore
    Part 1
    Are you working or studying?
    What kind of training did you do to do this kind of job?
    Do you require to purse a higher educational course in your field?
    Where are you from?
    Are you still close with your childhood friends?
    Are your close friends from your present group of friends or workmates?
    Why is that you are not close friends with your workmates?
    What do you like to do with friends?
    Describe an important letter you received.
    who sent it?
    when you received it?
    what was in the letter that you felt was important?
    Part 3- this was tough
    Importance of letters
    Importance of letters in business and historical letters.
    I was not confident in speaking about historical letters but I kept speaking what I understood(about letters among friends, relatives and letters. I was thinking about Napoleon’s letter to his mistress Josephine but I did not say it). I think I was going away form the main topic so the examiner paraphrased the question and asked me what about letters like Nehru writing a letter to Indira Gandhi, what does that tell historians. As I was answering she interrupted me that the test was over. I didn’t get to complete my answer.

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