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    Hi All,
    Exam date : 24.06.17
    Location : Bangalore, India
    Writing , Listening and Reading topics are covered by few members already but I didn’t see similar questions for speaking.
    My Speaking test :
    1. Your full name
    2. Do you work or study
    3. What did you study and share some information
    4. Did you get chance to do what you like in evenings during college days? how?
    5. Tell me something about Mirrors
    6. Have you purchased any mirror ? why ? what is the second use of having mirror around you.
    7. Do you wear watch ? why? what do you think of buying expensive watches . why people generally spent alot on it.
    8. 1-2 minutes topic : Describe an interesting neighbor
    9. Do you feel geography matters when it comes to staying in touch with neighbors? why ?
    10. What is like bonding with neighbors in busy cities
    11. What is the use of having neighbors
    12. Is Nation a community? Sorry I quietly asked her to elaborate this question , not because I didn’t understand the meaning but didn’t know what to speak… She again repeated the same question ( will I loose marks?)
    I said, nation is a community only when there is a cricket match OR someone attacks our country or an outsider says something bad about us .. otherwise I daily see lot of problems between two states , within cities and people aren’t together.
    13. What can be done to avoid fights between two states? I said, education can improve as people generally fight when they are in- secured or find other person superior .. but they don’t realize that we all our under one roof and its helping the country grow..
    That’s all happened during speaking test on 25.06.17. Hope that helps, thank you.
    Kind Regards,

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