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     Pramod K 

    Exam: General Training
    I have shared Speaking test in my previous post and this post is for LRW in Bangalore, India on Sept 9, 2017

    Listening: Section 1 – Conversation between new students orientation and school guide – 10 questions
    Section 2: Choose an option – Milual Wildlife Sanctuary (5 questions) and Different wild life camp Trails (Match the following) – 5 questions + Conversation between Benny and Professor – 8 questions (Choose appropriate options + Blanks) – 18 Questions
    Section 3: University Research and interaction – 12 questions (fill in the blanks with equal or less than 2 words)

    Reading: Section 1: Different Restaurants Features (7 questions) Choose appropriate options from Paragraph + TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN – 5 Questions – 12 Q
    Section 2: Match the para with topic – 8 + 7 blanks – 15 Q
    Section 4: Riddle Turtles and Breeding – 13 questions ( Match the paragraph – 7 Q + Blanks – 6 Q)

    Writing: Task 1: You are a secretary of international club, recently a person from another country gave a speech at the club which impressed the club members. Now members want you to invite him again
    Write a letter to the person a) For the speech and how club members expressed their views
    b) To invite him again in short time to give another speech
    c) Provide him the details of the arrangements

    Task 2: Children nowadays have no idea about “Good” or “Bad” actions, It is necessary that schools should be taking initiatives to teach them rather than just parents. How strongly you agree or disagree ?

    I had overall of 7.5 last time, hoping to increase after giving this test! I did small mistakes in listening and reading unfortunately! Let’s hope for the best.

     Subhash Butola 

    Hi pramod K, can you please share the answers for listening and reading IELTS test on 9th sept..I feel Reading section was bit difficult this time…plase share If it possible..I will be great help..thanks man..all the best

     Pramod K 

    Hi @subhash-butola
    Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the answers, but I agree that both listening and reading were a par up!

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