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    I got an information on oct 29th 7:50 pm regarding scheduled speaking test date. I was not having much time to prepare for the speaking test.
    I completed my speaking test(academic) on oct 31st 2018 at 11:00 A.M in bangalore.
    I was a bit nervous during the test and my performance was not as i excepted. During the second part, she gave a cue card and asked me to wait till i get pemission from her for preparation. I was waiting for her response. Since i was not getting any response from her, I just though like something was wrong and she was checking.(May be i understood her words wrongly). Suddenly, she asked me to speak about the topic. I was frightened and spoke something related to topic.
    The questions i was aksed are mentioned below.
    Where do you live at present?
    Do you like your surroundings?
    Describe your surroundings?
    Any parks near your area?
    How often you go to parks?
    Why do you people go to parks?
    What improvement have to be done for parks?
    Describe a person who actively participate in environmental improvement?
    How do you know?
    What is your relation with him?
    Describe his contribution for environment?
    Kids role in environment
    Industries role in environment
    Common man role in environment
    Schools role in environment
    Do you think industries should concern about waste management for their growth?
    The moment when i entered the room, everything i planned to speak was vanished. I think, this was happend due to lack of practice.
    Had there been a more practice i would have performed well.
    I am going to take LRW test on Nov 3rd. Please pray for me to excel in the exam.

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