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    Please find below my speaking test questions. Thanks a lot.
    The type of test – General Training
    Date of Test – 29th Oct, 2017
    Location of test – Bangalore
    Your name is ?
    What can I called you?
    Give an introduction about yourself, where you live?
    Do names have meanings?
    Who gave you your name? What is the meaning of your name?
    Why you think this name is given to you?
    Are there commonly used names? Do you think some surnames are more popular?
    Cue Card:
    Can you name any one famous person from other countries that you know or have heard about?
    —Who is this person?
    —Why is he/she famous?
    —Why do you choose this person?
    Should a nation regularly participate in International events or meetings?
    Do you think communications can bring better understanding across countries?
    Do you often use internet and computers?
    Do you think they are used by more and more people nowadays?
    Is this a positive trend? Are there any drawbacks?
    Are foreign companies always beneficial for a country where established?
    Do you think International companies have better brand names?
    Why are International companies more popular than home own companies?
    Do you think cultural differences could be a barrier in running a successful company?

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