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    General Training
    29th September
    1. What is your full name ? Where are you from?
    2.Are you working or studying?
    3. What do you work as?
    4. What are your roles in the company?
    5. Did you have to undergo any training to get this job? How did it help?
    6. What are your meal timings?
    7. Have your food habits changed over time? Why?
    8. Are you usually punctual?
    9. Do you prepare to arrive early ? How?
    10. Why is it important to reach on time?
    11. Has respect for time changed over the years?
    Part 2
    Talk about a place you know where people go to listen to music.
    -Where is It?
    -What kind of people go there?
    – How often do you go there?
    -How do you feel about It?
    Part 3
    1.Why do you go to that place?
    2. How does music help a child?
    3. Where can children get exposed to music?
    4. Do people like the lyrics or the instrumental part of music?
    5.How can you express feelings through music?
    6. Are words or songs better to convey emotions?
    7.How does music help us remember events in history?
    8. Do you think children should learn to play a musical instrument?
    9. Does music help us understand cultural differences between countries?
    10. How did music influence your childhood?
    The questions just seemed to go on forever. And the examiner kept gesturing me to speak more in part 1 and stopped me couple of times in part 2 and 3. She was not so friendly initially but slowly warmed up to me after listening to few of my answers. Overall I think I did okay but there’s no way to be sure until the results come out.

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