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    I took acdemic IELTS exam on 25 Nov, Bangkok site.
    The writing topic task1 is a table showing the amounts of waste produced by cities or towns from 6 countries in 3 years. There are some cells that data is unavailable. 4 countries out of 6 have an increasing trend while one has a slight decrease. The amount of the last country is almost stable (No trend).
    For this task, I was a little bit confused whether I can refer the cities / towns as “countries” because the header states that the amounts of cities and towns, whereas the table represents in countries.
    The task 2 is “Children nowadays have too much freedom.” Do you agree or disagree?
    The speaking part, I was asked about:
    – Some general questions such as, “are you studying or working?”, “Is your job interesting?”
    – My favourite pop star.
    – Have you ever joined concert? (I answered I hate crowed places)
    – Why do some people avoid crowed events?
    – By the way, why do some people join crowed events?
    – Why did some people queue to buy iPhone?
    Those question in the first section led me to my clue card topic, which is “What is the lastest crowed event that you joined? Who did you go with? Why? And What did you feel?”

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