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    My question today 2:20 pm
    What is your full name?
    Do you work or you study?
    What does your name mean?
    From where it hasbeen taken?
    Who named you and why?
    Is there any cultural influence behind you name?
    Do you like to read newspaper?
    Do you like international news or national? Why?
    Do you share news with anyone?
    Describe an important letter you have recently got
    You should say:
    Who sent this letter?
    What was it about?
    How you feel about it?
    Do you write letter?
    Do you think people still write letters by hand?
    Why do you think people still use letters?
    Why people like to receive handwritten letters?
    Why bussiness people uses letters?
    Is there any problem with the electronic letter? What is that?
    What type of letter should business people send ?
    Should letters flow certain language or style?
    This is what i remember

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