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    Hello !! ,
    here are some of the questions that i remember !!
    Writing task 1 :
    there were two bar graphs, sorry i can’t remember the question.
    writing task 2:
    Some people think that children should learn recycling materials from their parents while others argue that children should learn such skills from schools.
    discuss both views and give your opinion.
    Listening :
    section 1 was about booking a place to visit.
    section 2 was a map
    section 4 was about the history of elephants
    speaking :
    part 1 : she asked me some basic questions
    whats your full name?
    where do you live
    do you live in a flat or house?
    do you like your flat?
    what type of house do you want in future?
    do you read online magazines?
    part 2 cue card
    Speak about a TV drama serial that you enjoyed watching
    you should say:
    what is the main theme
    main characters
    why do you like it?
    part 3
    would you recommend that show to your friends?
    what type of drama serials do people watch in your country?
    do you think that Drama serials have changed in your country from recent years? and why?
    do you like to read magazines or comics? why?
    do you prefer to watch stores or read them in a book?
    do you think that stories can affect someone’s life?
    Reading passages were not that much difficult.
    as much as I remember last passage was about yawning because I yawned a lot reading that

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