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    From Bangladesh,
    28 october 2017
    part 1- where u live apartment or house/ why house important/ what types of jewelry are available in your country/ do u use any jewelry/ how often do u use it/ have u ever bought any jewelry/ how internet helps children/ compare children and internet/
    part2: talk about web site : name of the sitefunction of the site/how u found it/how it helps u/
    part 3: internet and teacher which one is helpful future class room activity on internet/
    task 2: we can see nowadays people take children at a later age, do u think that advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
    2nd November 2017
    speaking questions:
    part 2 – art u like in a art gallery
    part 3- traditional building importance of religious building
    writing task 2- In world development responsibility of politician and scientist . Discussion
    11th november 2017 (speaking was conducted 8th november)
    part1: do u like arin, why/what do u do with friends in rainy day/ have u ever stucked to one place in rainy day/ which is better newspaper or online news/ what do u like world news or local news/
    part 2: a school rule that u agreed or disagreed.
    what was the rule/who implied it/what was the punishment/ why u agreed or disagreed/ was the rule effective
    part 3: should company have a single dress code, why/ google has no dress code for workers whats ur opinion/ should school rule be implied in everyone’s life i mean on elder people, what do u think/

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