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    I took my speaking test (General) today at Baroda, Gujarat, India.
    Part 1:
    Introduction, full name and what should i call you?
    What do you do, work or study?
    Why did you choose this field to work in?
    Lets talk about rain,
    Do you like rainy weather?
    How much does it rain where you live?
    Do you like your hometown?
    Where is it located?
    Lets talk about holidays,
    Tell me about a vacation you remember the most, and why?
    Do you like to plan your holidays?
    What things do you keep in mind when you are planning a holiday?
    Lets talk about sport,
    what kind of sport do you like?
    Part 2:
    Describe a sport which you have only watched and you want to play.
    – where did you watch
    – why you want to play
    – how did you get to watch it
    – what do you like about that sport
    Part 3:
    Follow up questions about the topic 2, the questions mainly comprised of
    Is money the only motive behind this big international sporting events?
    Apart from money what all they could aim for?
    What a businessman can learn from a sportsman?
    Why are sportsperson being offered so much money for the endorsements?
    What kind of endorsements the sportsperson should’t do?
    I hope this helps. I feel like i did well. I kept talking almost all the time, and she had to stop me. Lets hope for the best!
    All the best.

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