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    Kuldeep kaur
    Acedemic Bathinda 19/07/2018
    I have taken my ielts exam today.
    Listening test:
    Section 1 a lady enquiring about rental appartment
    Section 2 a person giving lecture about environment
    Section 3 students discussing about their music project
    Section 4 monologue about various painters

    Passeage one is the easiest one. Its regarding pencils. Next one was related to sports nd last one was on theories of planet formation
    Both Listening and reading part went damm well. I confident i will hit 8.5 Or 9 each definitely

    Writing task 1 : pie charts comparing duration of use of social media by men & women in 2011 &2014 .

    Writing task 2 scientist have been warning for many years that to protect environment,we have to limit use of energy in our daily lives..Despite warnings,many people donot pay attention to this. What are the reasons and how people can be encouraged to save environment? (something like that)

    Topic seems easy bt its really difficult actually. I can nt think of enough nd relevant ideas. Although i mention busy routine , materialistic shift nd preference to convienance as reason bt m still nt sure whether i gave relevant point or not. It’s my second attempt. fingers crossed

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