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    Nov. 2, 2017 BRITISH COUNCIL
    Venue : Bathinda, Punjab
    Module: General Training.
    The exam started 2 hours late as the question booklets had not arrived. They didn’t let candidates to leave the exam hall. To make up for time, refreshments were provided during the waiting period.Everyone was frustrated and exhausted.
    Writing Task 1- Letter to the owner of your rented house about the problems caused to you by the tenants in the upper portion of this house. What are the problems? What have you done to address them? What do you want the house owner to do about it?
    Writing Task 2- Some people spend their free time with same age people. Others find it better to do it with all age groups. Discuss both views and Give your opinion.
    Section 1 was about some inquiry about children activities. Fill ups (Simple and table)
    Section 2 was about a museum. Multiple choice questions.
    Section 3 was a student discussing his presentation on Ife people of New Zealand. Multiple Choice questions (2 types- select one and 2 choices)
    Section 4 was about absenteeism in public sector. (Fill ups )
    True False, Fill ups, Headings for paragraphs, Choose paragraph according to information, Diagram based fill ups from Section 3 (About Kite history, subsequent use and the nomenclature of kite string, joining points, handling part, etc. Section 3 was quite a test of understanding.
    Nov. 3, 2017
    Examiner was very friendly. It felt that she was giving the same expressions as I was according to what and how was speaking.
    Part 1- Hometown, meals.
    Part 2- A good decision someone made recently.
    Part 3- Follow ups on decision making. A lot about when should one start making their decisions- right age. How should one make decisions.
    (I replied from my personal experience and didn’t look at the points that I had written in the given one minute time.)
    The Speaking was on the next very day of LRW test, which was quite a discomfort.

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