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    Reported by Yashaswini
    Hi Atul,
    Thank you for your advice and guidance throughout my IELTS preparation, which greatly helped to identify my weak points and work accordingly to improve my English skills.
    Here is a set of questions appeared in yesterday’s  Ielts exam (13th October 2018 at Bengaluru, India).
    1. Few questions on where I am from? And what do I like about this place ? Do I have many friends ?
    2. Questions on colours and What type of colours do I like ? What color would I prefer for my room walls and why ?
    3. What would I do during my leisure time or when I am alone ?
    4. Speak 2 mins – Describe an activity that you do during your free time ? And how it helps you?
    5. Does providing flexible working time for employees is beneficial?
    6. How does chatting affect in office environment?
    and many more related questions.
    Task 1- Your staying in a rented apartment and is very happy with the apartment. Write a letter to the owner
    1. Tell your tenant how happy your with the apartment .
    2. Suggest an improvement to the apartment.
    3. Tell how this improvement is beneficial.
    Task 2– Nowadays many people get married and have children once they reach their thirties rather than when they are young.
    Discuss if this is a good or bad development.
    Section 1– Fill the information from the recordings in one word only.
    Section 2– Multiple choice question. (Monologue by secretary about an Agricultural organisation and it’s services )
    Section 3– Multiple choice question. (Technology  conversation between two students about how walking improves creativity)
    Section 4– Fill the blanks with one word only.            (monologue about applying gamification techniques to real world situations)
    Section 1
    -True or False or Not Given.
    -Match the sentence to different sections of the passage.
    Section 2
    -Fill in the blanks.
    -Answer the given questions in no more than three words from the given passage.
    Section 3
    -Passage based on an autistic child who is a prodigy in mathematical calculations and amazing linguistic abilities.
    – True, False or Not given
    – Fill in the blanks
    – Match the headings to several paragraphs in the essay.
    I hope the following questions will be useful for other candidates in preparation for their upcoming Ielts exam.
    Thank you,
    Yashaswini Kumar
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