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    I had my speaking on 11th and writing on 15th in Bengaluru.
    Module: Academic
    Speaking question:
    1. Do you live in a House or apartment? Are you planning to move to home anytime soon?
    2. Which part of the house do you like and why?
    3. Questions related to rain.
    4. Question-related to teachers from primary school.
    5. Difference in study formats and teachers during my parent’s schooling and my time.
    Cue Card:
    Tell about a friend who has done something interesting. who is she/he? When did she start and why? Why do you want to do the same?
    Section 3:
    1. Are young people getting enough opportunities nowadays than your time? why?
    2. If yes, does it mean we didn’t have skills back then or lack of opportunities?
    3. Who participates more in events/activities? Young people or older ones and why?
    Writing Task 1:
    1. Two graphs were given. One explaining average sunshine per day in two cities in Australia and the second graph displaying data of the average temperature of the same two cities.
    Writing Task 2:
    Government is spending money on the restoration of the old building throughout the world. Should the government spend money on housing and road development instead of restoration? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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