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    Test date: 02/08/2018
    Location: Bogotá, Colombia

    Part 1:
    Typical questions about home, like “do you live in a house or a flat?, what’s your favorite room?, do you plan to live there in the future?”.
    Algo, about punctuality: do you usually wear a watch?, do you think it’s important to be on time?, are you ever late for anything?, how do you feel when others are late?
    And the one that I didn’t expect but was kinda enjoyable: letters and cards. Some like “do you often write something by hand?, do you think computers might replace handwriting one day?, do you prefer getting cards or emails in special occasions? why?”.
    Part 2:
    Describe a useful math lesson that you remember learning as a child.
    Cue card:
    What it was
    How did you learn it
    Was it easy or difficult to learn
    Part 3:
    In general, questions about math lessons in adults’ lifes, how people can improve in maths, what could teachers do to encourage students to learn maths, and so on. Then, some related to technology, regarding jobs and if technology will be better than humans in the future.

    Task 1:
    Just one line graph about the percentage of students having five specific problems in university during three particular years.
    Task 2:
    Demand of food is increasing worldwide.
    Which is a cause of this?
    What measures could the international community take in order to improve the situation?
    (I’m paraphrasing this last one, but that was the sense/idea of the question).

    That’s the general idea.
    I hope this will be helpful for anyone
    Now… 13 days that will feel endless, haha.

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