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    I had an another test today as I didn’t get required score in writing last time. I missed my target by .5.
    IELTS General, 31st May 2018.
    Brisbane, Australia
    Speaking questions were:
    Part 1 questions were almost same to the questions I got in last test on 5th May.
    Do you work or study?
    What do you do at your job?
    How was your first day at job?
    Did you try any foreign food when you were a child?
    Have you tried any new food recently?
    Do you think youngsters in your country prefer foreign food these days?
    Will this trend continues in future or not?
    What kind of places you enjoy during one day outings?
    Tell me about a place you visited during one day outing?
    Do you prefer visiting alone or with someone?
    What is good for children- playing video games or having outdoor activities?
    Part 2
    A party you enjoyed
    1. What it was about?
    2 When and where it was
    3. What happened in the party
    4. What did you enjoy about it
    Part 3
    What people do in your country in their leisure time? I replied – they visit their friends and relatives. She asked
    Do they visit their friends and relatives on getting invitations or without any invitations?
    Do they prefer visiting on weekends or any day?
    Did people in past had more leisure time than these days?
    Do you think there should be a balance between work and life?
    Can employers play a role in having a balanced life of their employees?

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