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    General IELTS
    23rd June 2017
    Part 1
    What do you do, do you study or do you work?
    Do you like watching tv?
    How often do you watch tv?
    With whom?
    What is your favorite tv show?
    Did you watch tv a lot in the past?
    What do you usually do after work?
    Part 2
    Describe a holiday you want to go in the future
    With whom?
    What will you do there?
    Why do you want to go there?
    Part 3
    Do you think local people of the hometown of holiday destinations feel that this is advantage or disadvantage?
    What are factors that make the holiday a good one?
    What age is the best for traveling?
    Good Luck everyone !
    I wanted also to ask you one question about the speaking test of today.
    For one of part 3 questions I asked the examiner to repeat the question, and after this I still didn’t get exactly what he wanted. Then he explained the question to me. After I understood it, I answered very well. Do you think this situation can affect my grade?
    Thanks again.

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