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    I just took my Academic Exam yesterday (11th Oct) and today (12th Oct) in Brunei Darussalam.
    L,R,W (11th Oct)
    Listening was quite difficult, especially for Part 3 and 4. Hopefully I did well.
    Reading was also abit hard. The topics are about Pelicans, our sense of smell and about an explorer named John Franklin.
    Writing topics: 2 bar graphs, the first one is How often do people change cars with the years given; every year, every 2 years, every 5 years or more, never change, no car.
    Second graph is whether they buy new car, second-hand car, sometimes new, sometimes second-hand, no car.
    For Speaking Test
    Part 1 – Can you tell me the time when you were bored, what did you do, how to stop being bored
    Part 2 – Describe a job that you think is interesting.
    Some questions on Part 3 – Have your parents ever given you money to do housework or something?
    Have you every given money to children?
    Do you think the future jobs will be different to the present situation?
    Why do you think people stay at their job for so long?
    I will be receiving my results on 24th October, hopefully I pass.
    Thanks for all the help you gave through your website.

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