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    Day before yesterday was my speaking test.(9/02/18)
    Test centre: Brussels ,Belgium
    Questions are listed below:
    First section:
    2.Where u live now?How far from exam centre?
    3.Do u like the place u live, why?How long have u been living there?
    3. Do u like traveling?Do u like to travel by flight?How often do you travel by flight?Mention some occasions?Do u think u travel more in the future?
    4.Which is ur favourite wild animal?why u like that animal?
    5.Do u like pets?if yes why, else why not?
    6.Do u think kids should learn about animals,why?
    Cue card: Which is ur favourite subject?How long have u been studying the subject, why u like learning that subject? Who taught u that subject?
    Last section:
    1.Do anyone u know like the same subject?
    2. Which subject is essential to learn in life?why?
    3.In the future which subject children should learn?why?
    4.Is sports lesson important in school, why?
    5.Is facilities required in school?why?
    6.Facility or a good teacher?which is better?why?
    Thank you

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