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    In speaking part one there were some general questions about where i work. I had to speak for 2 minutes about a reason why i think it’s important to save money. After that there were some questions related online shopping paid by card vs cash. There was also a question related to children spending money, how much and who should be in charge with their financial education.

    In writing part one was a picture with a site and another one with the same site 20 years later. And actually here I think i wrote too much and not very organized. I concentrated more on the charts kind of question and, at the test i have just described the images.

    In part two, the question was if women should have the same access as men to police force or army… something like that. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    I haven’t booked my test yet because i need to improve my writing first. I’m thinking to prepare for 1 month with you and then book it. Do you think it’s enough for me to achieve minimum 7 band un writing?

    Thank you,

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