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    I took the test today in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    IELTS academics
    Speaking test
    Part 1: work or study? Why did you choose that job? What do you do in a day outside? Do you go Alone or with someone? Which is the best place you have Ever been in a day out? Which place Would you like to go on a day out?
    Part 2: something a friend has done and that you Would like to do
    Part 3: do you think It is a good thing to teach children to be ambitious at the school? Who do you think are the ones Who influents a person the most? When ambition becomes a bad thing?
    Part 1: a women calling a breakdown service for her car
    Part 2: a person giving information for a Beach resort
    Part 3: a conversation btw 2 drama students talking about Agatha Christie’s work
    Part 3: a Talk about trust and economycs
    Part 1: a text about the story of pencils, part 2: a text about athletes, part 3: a text about theories of the origin of planets
    Task 1: a bar chart comparing undergraduate students in the UK in three different years, studying full or part time (male/female)
    Task 2: Human activity has had a negative effect on plants and animal all over the world. Some people think that is too late to do something about It. Others think that there is still time to take effective actions. Discuss both sides and give your oppinion.
    In this task, I agree fully with the second idea. In the intro, I paraphrased the topic and gave my oppinion. In the second paragraph I talked about why people think that It is too late to do something. In the third one,I talked about why people think the others way and agree with that (simply with the sentence “and I agree with this idea”). Finally, in the conclussion, I restated that even though people have varied oppinions on the subject, my oppinion agreed with the second idea and explained why in a summed manner.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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