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    Cairo (1st Dec 2017)
    Speaking test
    Describe ur hometown
    U live in apartment or a house?
    Describe ur ideal home?
    Importance of e-mails?
    Do u think ppl will use more e-mails in the future?
    Which is better an e-mail or a phone call?
    Do u use e-mails alot?
    Do u like history?
    Did u watch an historical show on TV?
    Did u visit a historical place?
    Why should people know about their history?
    Describe a problem that a friend of u has solved it
    What was it?
    Explain why it was a clever solution?
    Do u think children are born clever or its due to teaching?
    Importance of school at our lives?
    Which is better computer intelligence or human intelligency?why?
    Do u think in the future computer intelligence will over-rule?
    Thank you
    Pray for me guys

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