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    I had my speaking test on BC CIC in Cairo, Egypt. The whole test was about architecture.
    Do you live in a house or an apartment?Why?
    Would you like to move in the future? Why?
    How does the area you live in look like?
    Do people in your country care about being on time?Why?
    Do you care about being on time?
    What happens if you’re supposed to meet someone but he is late?
    Section 2
    Describe a building you like. What do people do in it? What is the reason why this building was built?
    Section 3
    What type of buildings do you like? Why?
    Should people live in buildings they like?
    What are the most common buildings in your city?
    Should people work in buildings they like? Why?
    What should be considered while designing offices? Why?
    What type of buildings should be common? Why?
    Should people imitiate classic or modern buildings? Why?
    Should the government control the style of buildings? Why?
    It’s a must that governments control the styles of the buildings. Why did you say not?
    I took the exam many times before, but this was the worst one since she was arguing in section 3, not asking questions and waiting for reasons.
    BTW, this is a GT exam

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