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    Exam Date: 9th November , Egypt – Cairo , Pyramisa Suites Hotel
    I gave my speaking test today, the least i can do is to share with you guys..
    Part 1 : After introducing your self,
    – Where you from?
    – Do you study or do you work?
    – Is there anything you would like to change in your work place?
    – let’s talk about photographs , Do you like to take photographs?
    – What are the thing do you like to take photos of ?
    – Do you think photographs are important in our lives ?
    – Do you like drawing and painting ?
    – Did you took any drawing or painting classes in you school ?
    Part 2 : Cue Card,
    – Describe something someone gave to you that you really want it. You should say :
    – What was it ?
    – When did they gave it to you?
    – Why did you want it ?
    – How did you feel when you got it ?
    Part 3 : ADVERTISING And Shopping
    – Why do people buy a lot of the stuff?
    – Do you think advertising got something to do with it ? ( i paraphrased this Q )
    – Do you think teenage appreciate what their parents are buying them ? Why ?
    – Do you think people especially the younger ones are influenced buy their friends when they do shopping ?

    the examiner was writing marks or numbers after every part or so ? would you tells what is it for ?
    Wish me LUCK i will give my LRW tomorrow.

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