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    I am Rama. I had taken my exam in Calicut (India), General Training on 14th October 2017.
    Speaking Cue Card: Describe about an advertisement which made you to buy that product recently.
    What was the product?
    How the advert influenced?
    Is there a difference in holiday you spent in childhood and now?
    How often you use computer?
    What are the different kinds of advertisements you see?
    Letter: You have borrowed something from your friend and it got damaged,
    1. Apologize for damaging the product
    2. What happened?
    3. How are you going to fix the issue.
    Essay writing:
    Traffic Jams is one of the major problem in many cities and towns. The solution for it would be building wider roads. Do you agree or disagree.
    All the very best everyone for a wonderful future.

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