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    IELTS Speaking 11/12/19

    Section 1
    Talk about where you live
    How long have you been living there
    Where’s your favourite room
    Do you like perfumes
    Can you spend much on perfumes
    Have you ever given it out as a gift? To who? Why?
    Do you have a favourite perfume?
    How often do you visit your relatives Why?
    What do you normally to when you visit?
    Do you prefer to visit a relative or a friend?

    Section 2 Cue card T
    alk about someone who encouraged you
    You must say
    Who the person is
    What the person did to encourage you
    How the pereon encouraged you encouraged you

    Section 3
    It was all about motivation
    Can money serve as a motivation to you?
    What else aside money can motivate you
    Does your background have something to do with motivation
    Can there be a negative motivation
    Can motivation lead to competition
    How does organizations motivate their employees
    How can you maintain the level of your motivation.
    Hoping and praying for the best,the questions were much than I expected and it came from different areas.
    All the best to us all.

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