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    Academic Ielts, 12/12/2019,

    Listening: filling blanks + multiple choices + map + Associating activities and days of the week + multiple choices + a lecture with blanks (one word allowed per each)

    Reading: I don’t remember the first one/ Monkeys / Language

    Writing part 1: a table about the production of oil in four African countries

    Writing part 2: Some people think that children should start primary school later in life, others that they should start it before 7. Discuss both views, giving your own opinion.

    Part 1: where do you live/ describe this place / do you think that your voice have been changed a lot during your life? Why? Do you have any member of your family who have a similar voice to yours ?
    Part 2: something you borrowed (what/ when/ why / how long)
    Part 3 : questions about borrowing more in general (how long should be borrowing an object allowed? , How about more luxurious things? Are people afraid of the consequences of borrowing and loosing one of these items? How long should taking these things be allowed ? A question about downloading music illegally + how about rich musicians? + Do you think laws will solve this problem?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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