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    Below are questions i faced in my recent IELTS General Module:
    Speaking Test today 01st July 2019.
    Part 1:
    Questions related to Home and Smile
    – Where do you live, apartment, house or flat
    – how long you are living there
    – which room you like most
    – do you smile?
    – when do you smile?
    – do you smile while taking pictures why? why not?
    -do you know if some bodys smile is fake?
    Que card:
    The Problem you solved with the help of internet
    Part 3:
    Questions related to Internet and social networking sites
    The streets where you live has recently become rather dirty write a letter to your local council
    What caused this problem
    What problems local people facing due to this
    what actions council should take
    Ordinary people try to copy famous people either reading magazines or watching TV
    Reasons of doing this
    Do you think is it good idea to copy famous people.
    in my opinion writing is the toughest part in IELTS.
    Many Thanks,

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