IELTS Exam – Canada – June 17 2017

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    Speaking (Academic)June 17, 2017
    part 1:
    what do you do? do you work or you’re a student?
    do you read magazines? then follow up questions about magz
    do you know your neighbors?
    do you prefer younger or older neighbors?
    how neighbors can help you…
    describe a website from the internet that is useful and make you do things.
    what it is
    when do you use it
    when did you know about this website
    ***I forgot about the last question
    part 3:
    more on general questions like the use of internet (advantages and disadvantages)
    if you’re not having internet do you consider it a social disadvantage?
    do you think internet will replace books in the future?
    what can you say about magazines in the internet? do you read them?
    do you read comics?
    how do you see TV shows as entertainment?
    which is better when it comes to entertainment TV or internet?
    very random

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